Betonline App Download for Android (.apk) and iOS Latest Version

Betonline’s origins date all the way back to 1991 with online casinos and sports betting offices in real life. It has 11 main sports, and 15 other sports as categorized on the website. It has a 50% welcome bonus up to 75,000 INR, and a lot of promotions that encourage the use of crypto, such as a first deposit bonus of 100% up to 75,000 INR as well.

The official Betonline app is in development.

Betonline App Review

Betonline does not actually have a mobile app for Android or iOS – instead, players can opt for using the mobile website version, which functions absolutely the same and has all the same features, so you won’t miss out on anything. The mobile is actually exceptionally smooth and easy to use, and when the app is released, it will feel and look most likely the same.

Application versionNot released yet
APK file weightNot known
Application weightNot known
Latest Android updateNot released yet
Latest iOS updateNot released yet
DownloadingFor free
Available in India and BangladeshYes
Supported OSMobile website, PC; in the future – Android & iOS
Access to sports bettingYes
Access to live broadcastsYes

While the Betonline app is under development, you can choose another mobile client by exploring our ranking of the best cricket betting apps in India.

Benefits for Mobile Users

There are several advantages to using Betonline’s mobile website version, or the app in the future when it is released. Most notably, it is really easy to use and convenient, particularly if you are a frequent user of the betting site. You can, for example, get access to:

  • Signing up;
  • Making a deposit;
  • Making a withdrawal;
  • Playing casino games;
  • Placing bets on sports;
  • Claiming bonuses and promotions;
  • And much more.

The mobile version of Betonline works steadily on smartphones.

Download Betonline APK for Android

As previously stated, the Betonline Android mobile app is still in development. While waiting for the app to be published, Betonline’s users can use the website on their browsers instead, which will be surprisingly identical to the app. If you choose to keep your login data on your device, you will be able to access the betting platform from anywhere and at any time with only a few clicks.

The Betonline app is in development.

System Requirements for Android

The system requirements written down below are applied to the mobile website, as the mobile app is not released yet.

Application versionNot released yet
APK file weightNot known
Processor1.4 GHz
Memory space100 Mb
DownloadingFor free

Supported Android Devices

You can use the Betonline mobile website on pretty much any device regardless of the exact model, as long as it meets the minimum system requirements above. Therefore, you can use Android brands such as:

  • Samsung;
  • Huawei;
  • Xiaomi;
  • HTC;
  • Honor;
  • And many others.

The Betonline app supports most Android smartphones.

Download Betonline App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Betonline presently does not have an iOS app because it is still in production. In the meanwhile, you have the option of using the mobile browser version, which has the same functions and features as the PC site, including the ability to make deposits, withdraw money, and wager on the same sports events. When the Betonline mobile app finally goes live, the platform will notify its users about it.

The Betonline app for iOS is in development.

System Requirements for iOS

The system requirements below are about the mobile website since the mobile app for the iOS version is not out yet.

Application versionNot released yet
APK file weightNot known
Processor1.1 GHz
Memory space120 Mb
DownloadingFor free

Supported iOS Devices

Since the mobile website can be run on pretty much any iOS device, even older ones although it would most likely be a bit slow, you can use the following devices with any model as long as it fits the minimum system requirements:

  • iPhone;
  • iPod;
  • iPad;
  • And many others.

The Betonline app supports most iOS smartphones.

How to Update the Betonline App to the Latest Version?

Betonline currently does not have a mobile app, thus the only choice is to use the mobile website, which does not need to be updated at all as it does that automatically by itself. When the app is available, however, updating it will be straightforward by using either of two methods: reinstalling or updating the application. From now on, the following step-by-step guide will be talking about the future mobile app.

Follow the steps below to update an app that has already been installed:

  1. Open the app. To launch the Betonline app, tap the icon on your device’s screen; 2. Update the app. You’ll be prompted to update when a new version becomes available. Simply press the update button and wait for the process to be completed;
  2. Restart the program. The app should close and reopen on its own. If it doesn’t, simply restart it, and it should automatically update;
  3. The Betonline app has been successfully updated!

The mobile app can also be updated by re-downloading it, although this method is best utilized when the installation appears to be faulty in some way. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Uninstall the existing Betonline app. Go to the Applications tab in your device’s settings. Remove the Betonline app from your Android or iOS device. Then go to the next level;
  2. Download the app from the Betonline website. Using your browser, go to the website and download the app, exactly as you did before. This time, the update should already come with the app, so all you have to do is install it.
  3. Download and install the app. Double-click the installation file after you’ve found it. Simply click the button to install the application, wait for it to finish, and then launch it;
  4. The Betonline app has been successfully updated!

The Betonline app will receive regular updates.

Betonline Account Registration via App

In order to successfully sign up using the Betonline mobile website (as the mobile app is not out yet), follow the steps down below:

  1. Go to the website. Visit the official Betonline site using any mobile browser of your choice;
  2. Find the sign-up button. In the top-right corner, you should see a green button that says ‘Join’. Click on it, and proceed to the registration procedure;
  3. Fill in the details. Enter your first and last names, and email, and come up with a password. Select the country, and type in your zip or postal code. Fill in your phone number and your date of birth. Then, click on ‘Create account’;
  4. You have successfully created an account using the Betonline mobile website!

The Betonline app supports the registration of new users.

Betonline Mobile Website Overview

Any mobile browser may be used to visit the Betonline mobile website on just about any OS. It has the same features and functionality as the PC version, and it will have the same functions in the upcoming mobile app. You may place bets, make deposits and withdrawals, play casino games, and receive bonuses, to name a few things. You may also select to have the website automatically log you in if you want it to.

The mobile version of the Betonline website supports online sports betting.

Differences Between the Betonline App and the Official Website

The mobile app for Android and iOS of Betonline will look similar to the mobile website that it already has, however, there will be a couple of differences which you can see in the table down below.

Betonline appBetonline mobile website
Automatically log into your accountYou can set it to automatically log you in
Receive notifications about new promotionsNo download required
Receive notifications about any wins or lossesWill be slightly slow on older devices
The app will sometimes require to be updatedThe mobile website does not need any updates

How to Get a Bonus in the Betonline App?

Betonline features a 50% welcome bonus on sports of up to 75,000 INR on the first deposit. For this bonus, the minimum deposit amount is 4,000 INR, and the bonus amount must be rolled over 10 times before you can withdraw it. The welcome bonus has an expiration date of 30 days from the date of registration. An important note is that deposits made with Skrill or Neteller are not accepted for the offer. Other than this particular bonus, Betonline features many others, such as a 100% deposit bonus up to 75,000 INR using crypto, and a 5% boost for deposits made with cryptocurrency.

If you would like to know how to redeem the Betonline sports welcome bonus, follow the steps down below:

  1. Go to the website. Visit the official Betonline website using any mobile browser;
  2. Sign up for a Betonline account. Simply click the sign-up button, input the needed information, and enter the welcome bonus coupon code. After that, go to the next step;
  3. Make a deposit. To make a deposit, go to the deposit section, select your preferred payment method, and fill out all required information. Then, simply select the ‘Deposit’ button to make the deposit happen;
  4. Receive your bonus. The bonus should be credited to your account as soon as the funds are available. However, keep in mind that you must fulfill the wagering conditions in order to withdraw the bonus;
  5. You have successfully redeemed the Betonline sports welcome bonus!

New users of the Betonline app get a welcome bonus.

Betonline Casino App

Betonline has a vast casino section with games you can choose from such as table games, poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and pretty much almost anything you can think of. There are also separate sections for the live casino and specialty games, along with cash races. The games are powered by software providers like Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Nucleus Gaming, Dragon Gaming, and many others.

You can play online casino games in the Betonline app.

Payment Methods

Betonline accepts a lot of payment methods that are used in India. Below, you can see a table with the most popular options in India, and their minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts.

Payment methodMinimum deposit amount, INRMinimum withdrawal amount, INRWithdrawal processing time
Visa1,5001,500Up to 15 minutes
Skrill1,5001,500Up to 15 minutes
Neteller1,5001,500Up to 15 minutes
Cryptocurrency1,5001,500Up to 15 minutes
MoneyGram1,5001,500Up to 15 minutes
Mastercard1,5001,500Up to 15 minutes

Sports Betting

Betonline has a huge selection of sports events that is updated daily. Some of the most popular sports in India include online cricket betting, basketball, hockey, football, and golf – all of which have many ongoing tournaments and promotions that you can place your bets on at the mobile website; there is also a separate tab for the racebook for those who are interested. You may also use a variety of bet types to do that, and in the future mobile app, you will be notified of any winnings.

You can bet on dozens of sports in the Betonline app.

Types of Bets 

Betonline provides a lot of bet types to the players who choose to use it. For example, the most popular ones in India include:

  • Straight bets;
  • Totals;
  • Parlays;
  • Teasers;
  • If Bets;
  • Futures;
  • Propositions;
  • Money lines;
  • Half Sides;
  • Quarter Sides.

The Betonline app allows you to make various types of bets on sports.

Betonline App Features

Once the Betonline mobile app is out, you will be able to access absolutely the same features as the desktop version or the mobile website, except it will be much more convenient and most likely preferable for very active players. You will gain access to:

  • Conveniently being able to open Betonline from anywhere and at any time;
  • Create an account;
  • Deposit money into your account;
  • Withdraw funds from your account;
  • Place bets on your favorite sports;
  • Play your favorite casino games;
  • And much more.

The Betonline app has a number of distinctive features.


All in all, Betonline does not have a mobile app for Android and iOS just yet, but its mobile website does the job just fine and the app will resemble it a lot. In the app, you will be able to quickly sign up, deposit money, claim the welcome bonus of 50% up to 75,000 INR, play casino games and place bets on sports, and withdraw funds. If you are interested in Betonline or are an active user, then the mobile app will be worth the wait.

The Betonline app is in development and will be released soon.


Is it possible to verify my account using the Betonline mobile app?

Yes, once the Betonline mobile app is available, you may use it to verify your account. Launch the app, find the tab for your personal information and fill in all of the required fields. Then present two documents: one to confirm your identity, such as a passport, and the other to prove your address. Your account should be completely verified and you should be able to withdraw funds after submitting the form and waiting.

Will it be possible to get the Betonline mobile app for free once it is out?

When the Betonline app becomes available, you won’t have to pay anything to obtain it on your device. The official site will be the only safe place to acquire it; go there, find the mobile app section, and then select the proper Android or iOS links based on your device’s operating system.

Can I place bets on cricket and other sports using the Betonline app?

Yes, once the app is out, it will be possible. The Betonline mobile app, which offers the same functionality as the desktop website, will allow you to deposit money, withdraw funds, and, most importantly, place bets. Because cricket is one of India’s most popular sports, the Betonline app always has a variety of tournaments.


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