Correct Score Cricket Betting Strategy

When you bet on the precise final result of a game, then you wager on the correct score. Correct score betting is most popular in football games since estimating the correct final score in other sports is more complicated. If used in cricket, a punter can bet on the correct score of the final result, on the number of runs at different points of the game, or the total amount of runs.

Most bookmakers rate correct score bets based on the probability of each team winning instead of the number of goals they tend to score or runs in the case of cricket.

Lower scores have lower odds, while higher scores have higher odds.
Teams with an equal probability of victory are apt to be of equal odds on each score, but they may have quite distinct scoring tendencies, resulting in ‘incorrect’ correct score odds.

Correct Score Betting Strategy: How It Works?

The Correct Score cricket betting strategy involves predicting the precise final score of a cricket match: win, lose, tie, draw, or no result. Rather than merely selecting a winning side, you must also correctly forecast the number of circumstances for the game: players’ shape and weather conditions. 

To outwit the bookies and win money, you must play wisely. Assume you’re watching a game between Australia and Ireland. Australia has betting odds of 2.0, while Ireland has odds of 2.1. You have a total of $1,000 to wager on this bet.

If you bet on Australia and it wins, you will receive $2,000; if it loses, you will receive $0.

Team Odds  Placed bet Result  Bank pot

How to Win Money?

We’ll look at the same two games and the same amount of money. This time, you wager $500 on both teams to win. If Australia wins, you’ll receive $1000; if Ireland wins, you’ll receive $1050. 

Betting the correct score on total runs is more complex, but guessing the right number pays off. There are various possibilities, but the odds are higher, and your winnings will be rewarding. You must predict the number of runs that the team will score.

Assume India is playing South Africa. India’s odds are 3, while Australia’s are 2.8. You still have $1,000 in your possession, and you’re betting on India scoring 123 runs in an over. If this is right, you will receive $3,000.

When employing the correct score approach on runs, the likelihood of winning money is smaller than when using the strategy to bet on the end outcome.

Pros and Cons of The Correct Score Betting Strategy

Here are a few points to consider before using the Correct Score method.


  • It works well with low-scoring sports;
  • The win can be very lucrative.


  • Only experienced bettors can make it work with high-scoring games.

Correct score wagering is a common approach for punters to make sports more exciting, and it can be quite profitable because large odds are frequently offered – but it’s also famously tough to get right.

Will It Increase My Chances of Winning?

The weather is one of the deciding factors for the results of cricket matches. Keep an eye on the weather if you decide to wager on a cricket match. If it rains, it will significantly influence the final score, or the game will come to a halt and conclude in ‘no result’.

The team that bats first can set the tempo and standard for the whole game. A coin flip before the game determines what team gets to start.

The way you choose to place your correct score bet is by looking at the team’s players and their track records.

When you do the proper research, deciding on the correct score bet becomes easy. However, the strategy won’t increase your odds of winning since there are too many outside factors; it can only bring you big winnings if you guess right.

Tips For Novices

When betting on cricket, there are a few different bet types you can make. We’ll compare the Correct Score and Flat methods on match results and runs.

  • Match Results. In cricket betting, this is the simplest kind of wagering. The only thing you need to do is make the right prediction on what team will win the game. If you don’t think there will be a winner, you may bet on a tie. There are just a few alternatives to pick from when it comes to wagering on the outcome of a sporting event. However, if you’re incorrect about your prediction, you might lose a significant sum of money. You’ll have more fun, and your gaming pot will last longer if you employ the flat betting approach.
  • Runs. Can you predict which team will score the most sixes or hit the most fours in the tournament? How many runs will a batter score in a game? When betting on runs, you’ll need superhuman abilities to use the Correct Score cricket betting strategy. Flat betting may be a safer way to lose less money while still gaining a reasonable amount if you guess right.


Low-scoring sports, such as football, are ideal for correct score betting. When it comes to cricket betting, you may use it to predict whether a team will win, lose, tie, or have no outcome. All other cricket betting alternatives include a lot of variables and increase the number of winning chances or right scores.

Using this strategy might leave you empty-handed and with a depleted bankroll when betting on cricket. Cricket is seldom a low-scoring game, and even the few accessible betting possibilities can be unpredictable owing to the factors mentioned above.


Below we have answered popular and important questions about this betting strategy.

Why Should I Use a Cricket Betting Strategy?

Using a strategy and planning ahead is always smart, especially when you bet on cricket games. It can increase your chances of winning and help you make the right decisions regarding amounts and types.

Can I Win Money By Using Correct Score Betting Strategy?

When employing the correct score cricket betting strategy, you can win money, but only in rare instances. It is a risky strategy as the final score is hard to predict, and ultimately your win depends on many outside factors like weather, field, and conditions of the players.

Will Correct Score Strategy Increase My Chances Of Winning?

Correct Score only increases the chances of winning if you can properly guess the results. As cricket has many variables and ends in higher scores, correct score cricket betting is not recommended.


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