Dogon Cricket Betting Strategy

Dogon betting was first utilized in casinos but is successfully rooted in sports such as cricket.  Simply put, the essence of the Dogon method in casinos means players bet on red/black. This distinguishes this method from other cricket betting strategies.

This betting method aids in the recovery of a losing streak. Following a losing wager, the player raises the bet amount using the Dogon formula and bets on a new event. The first win should compensate for the loss, payout all the money the player put and bring the player to a positive. 

The player must have solid bankroll and iron endurance skills to apply this strategy successfully.

Use Dogon Betting Strategy for effective cricket betting.

How It Works?

When using the Dogon cricket strategy, the goal is to win an amount that would cover past losses. Many bettors use this strategy to equal zero, and others use it to make a small profit as well. You can determine the desired amount of profit yourself; just make sure it is not too high. Otherwise, you are engaging in risky betting. 

The recoup strategy bet amount is estimated with this formula: S = (W + Sn) ÷ (k – 1).

  • S – the size of the wager;
  • W – the initial bet’s possible earnings;
  • Sn – the sum lost as a result of the approach;
  • k – the coefficient of the event you wish to place a wager on.

The Dogon Cricket Betting Strategy in Three Steps

Let’s say the starting wager is $100. You bet on the first event at 2.00 odds. In the event of a loss, you should place a wager of $200 at 2.00 on the following match. If you lose again, you should place another bet at 2.00 odds, but this time for $400. If the bet is successful, the payoff will be $800, with a net profit of $100 (800 – 100 – 200 – 400).

The Dogon Cricket Betting Strategy With a Game Pot 

Let’s imagine that your gambling pot is $10,000, the first bet is $100, and the coefficient in all events is 2.00. The catch-up strategy results table might look like this:

Bet AmountResultBankroll

Several losses in a row strike the game pot hard, leading to a rise in the amount of the stake to a magnitude you may not be willing to risk. But, the first win completely compensates for the past failures.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

This method may be applied to any sport, even cricket. It is also favorable for any type of bet – outcomes, handicap, total, individual total – at odds of at least 2.00, 5.00, or 1.50.

You may also use the Dogon cricket betting method on any event – a draw, a team’s triumph or defeat, ‘total more’ for certain matches, ‘both will score’ in a suitable league, or even simply your personal profits by placing bets at random.

The method is perfect on paper.  In real life, the player’s bankroll is not endless, and there are restrictions to the maximum bets in bookies. When using the Dogon strategy, the player will undoubtedly suffer a sequence of losses that will deplete his whole bank or cause him to exceed the allowable wager limits.

Second, Dogon is a high-risk betting strategy. If you start with 1% of your bankroll and play at odds of two or less, the pot will finish at the seventh phase.

Tips for Beginner Strategy Use

The ideal cricket betting strategy, like other betting methods, is the proper management of your budget. Many experienced bettors keep to betting no more than 5% of their whole bankroll on a single event, breaking it down even more to 50% on a straightforward bet and 50% on a variety of side bets.

Before placing a bet:

  • Take note of the weather and the game structure;
  • Make Use of Live Streaming;
  • Assess the location and check if it is a home game for your preferred team;
  • Before the coin toss, review the pitch report.

Usually, bookmakers only take bets on team victories, but a draw is feasible in cricket; therefore, it is a good choice for applying the Dogon method. Note that many bookies do not accept ties, but all players who bet on a win will be reimbursed if one occurs.

You might start with the ‘control the bank’ approach where you may choose between:

  • Fixed-rate (bet the same amount); 
  • Fixed profit (plan the profit you want);
  • Flat (bet a proportion of the pot’s size).

A player may use the catch-up strategy to regain the previous loss, but keep in mind this requires a hefty bankroll and does not guarantee a return of money lost.


When utilizing this strategy for online cricket betting, you should calculate the number of acceptable defeats in advance. You should place your first wager with no more than 2% of your bankroll. 

One run will cover all past defeats and result in a victory. However, a string of even a few failures will increase the amount of the following bet. Also, keep in mind that bookies set a maximum bet for each event. As a result, you may refuse to take the sum required to wager on the Dogon’s success.

Dogon is a gaming strategy that does not ensure success but rather redistributes the number of gains and losses: you infrequently lose by a lot, and you frequently win by little.


Why Should I Use a Cricket Betting Strategy?

Before choosing a strategy, you should always compare the bookies and the odds they offer. Using a strategy when betting on cricket will secure your game pot, prevent significant losses, and deliver great decent wins.

Can I Win Money By Using Doggon Betting Strategy?

You can win money while using the Dogon method. However, have in mind that you will win often but small amounts, and lose rarely but bigger sums.

Will Dogon Increase My Chances Of Winning?

The Dogon strategy does not increase your chances of winning. It is a catch-up strategy that can even your loses, or at best, win you small sums.


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