Flat Cricket Betting Strategy

Flat betting is a method that helps you to keep your wagering bankroll under control.

Flat betting works based on a predetermined bet amount. For a certain amount of time, from 1 month to a year, you place the same amount of money when online betting on cricket. The sum is determined as a proportion of the player’s full budget.

On the other hand, the flat cricket betting method lacks progression as you repeatedly gamble the same amount of money. In the long run, such a strategy does have a disadvantage, although a minor one.

Use a flat cricket betting strategy to increase your odds of winning.

Flat Cricket Betting Strategy: How It Works?

On each occasion, a set stake value is suggested when playing a game with the flat strategy. For example, your bank pot is $10,000, and you decide to set up $500 for all cricket bets. The bettor must achieve permeability of at least 70% using match analysis, provided that the coefficients of each bet are not less than 1.70.

In this case, the player will be well ahead in terms of profit. The most important rule of this model is to never deviate from the bet amount; if you choose 500 as a nominal value, the size should always be 500, even if the bet has a high degree of risk or is too little after additional evaluation.

Types of Flat Betting 

Flat sports betting tactics are classified into four types:

  1. Academic: The stake size fluctuates from 1-3% of the bankroll. You may start betting at 3% and increase the size if you win a lot of bets. The bets are altered to lower odds and smaller sums when using a negative bet.
  2. Static flat: The stake amount is 1% of the pot for the range of the chosen duration period.
  3. Aggressive: The stake size is equivalent to 2-3% of the bankroll for the whole interval.
  4. Chaotic: A dangerous sort of flat betting in which 5-15% of the bank is placed on events with a probability of 1.55 or higher.

It is not advised to bet more than 2% of your bank pot when using the flat strategy on cricket or any other sport. 

For example, your bankroll is $20,000, and the size of each bet is $200. The results might look like this:

CoefficientResultBank Pot

It is tough to gain a big profit while utilizing the flat approach. However, if you lose numerous bets in a line, you can save the majority of your bankroll.

How Will It Increase My Chances of Winning?

When used in online cricket betting in India, this betting technique is basic and straightforward. It is perfect for any bettor with a large bank pot. Using a flat cricket betting strategy is safe since it keeps your bankroll from being depleted. You can make a lot of money if you have a high success rate.

As an avid player, you always study the betting odds before placing a flat bet on cricket games. Let’s say you decide to place a flat bet on two games, presented with their betting odds. 

If you place the wager on West Indies vs Shri Lanka and you win, your bank pot fills up, but if you lose, you lose the same amount of money every time. 

The smallest variation in odds might significantly impact your betting selections. As a result, a cricket betting odds analysis may be helpful to you. Always choose a website that provides the best cricket betting odds by distributing a portion of its profit to loyal consumers.

Tips for Newbies in Betting

Financial managers and prudent sports investors will agree that you should reduce your risks of blowing up your investing portfolio. Flat cricket betting will assist you in navigating the highs and lows of sports investment.

Let’s not forget the importance of a high victory rate. This betting strategy could only be lucrative whenever the success rate reaches 50%. However, if a gambler cannot go above this 50% rate, betting 50:50, you will lose with any approach.

 A ‘sure bet’ – a series of bets on a single event that ensures a profit of at least the entire amount of bets placed, regardless of the outcome of the event -may work in this case.

Profits from flat cricket betting are modest, and to stay on top, you must win more than half of your hands. Furthermore, the strategy may be tiresome, which is one of the causes why some players choose riskier betting methods like Labouchere or Oscar’s Grind.

Labouchere is a progressive stalking method, where the player increases their bet after a big loss to compensate for it. 
Oscar’s Grind is played with even money bets and a predetermined winning goal. It typically accomplishes this aim but at the risk of a big loss when it doesn’t.


In all of its varieties and combinations, flat betting in cricket is a simple and trustworthy technique that is ideal for every bettor. 

If you have utilized the flat cricket betting method and have had a positive return on investment for a long time, you may experiment with alternative betting possibilities. This leaves you with a high chance of not letting the bookmaker earn money on you.

The biggest downside of Flat Betting is that it does not perform well over time. Profits are modest, and to stay on top, you must win more than half of your hands. You can compare the effectiveness of this method with other cricket betting strategies and choose the best option.


Why Should I Use a Cricket Betting Strategy?

Using a betting strategy will help you stay in the game for a long time, even through hard times. Analysing the sport as well as the teams will increase your knowledge and make it easier to place informed bets, thus only increasing the chances of winning.

Can I Win Money By Using the Flat Betting Strategy?

Yes, you could win money when reaching a specific success rate – 50% or more.

Will Flat Betting Increase My Chances Of Winning?

Most of the time, yes. Flat betting provides you with a reasonable chance of winning, but it also stops your money pot from leaking.


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