Oscar’s Grind Cricket Betting Strategy

Almost every betting enthusiast has heard of this strategy. And much like with every other part of the gambling world, cricket bettors know it too!

The Oscar’s Grind cricket betting strategy is a trendy way for any cricket bettor to gain on their wagers. Although the exact moment of its appearance is unknown, this system traces back its origin to its first mention in the 1965 book ‘The Casino Gambler’s Guide.’

Despite being 50+ years old, the Oscar’s Grinds betting system is still widely used. But the question remains, is it a good strategy? Can this system really bring you a fair amount of winnings?

Well, let’s find out!

Oscar's Grind cricket betting system is a slow and thorough way to make money betting on your favorite cricket team.

Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy Basic Principles

The Oscar’s Grind cricket betting strategy works in a straightforward way. In it, you have to know the distinction between units and cycles. 

A unit is the amount of money you are going to wager. On the other hand, a cycle presents the number of wins and losses you will go through to reach the initial wager, i.e. the wager you started your online cricket betting with. 

What does this mean? The Oscar’s Grind system sees that you don’t make more money than what you have wagered at the start. Now, this sounds harsh, but it is the truth. However, the rules don’t say that you can’t quit before this happens!

This betting strategy says that you have to start by wagering one unit. After a loss, you don’t need to wager additional units, but instead, keep going with the same one. Once you get a win, this is where you raise your wager by one unit.

Like every other strategy, you can use this on a team, a player, or the general scope of wins or losses. So, let’s say you are betting on a specific team in cricket. To describe it better, look at the example below:

Derbyshire vs Hampshire$100win$200
Derbyshire vs Lancashire Cricket$200loss$0
Somerset CCC vs Derbyshire$200win$200
Steelbacks vs Derbyshire$300win$500
Derbyshire vs Sussex Sharks$400loss$100

As you can see, the moment you have the exact amount of money you’ve wagered at the start, the cycle ends. This rule may be confusing, especially for new cricket bettors. However, if you look at it closely, you can see a moment when you have $500. This is the best point when you need to quit this cycle.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning?

There is a reason why the Oscar’s Grind cricket betting strategy is highly used by gamblers everywhere. You won’t win large amounts, but at the same time, you won’t lose either. 

Plus, this system always ensures that you end with the same unit as you have started.

The whole idea behind this system is that you still end even whether you win or lose, which is why it is mostly used with even money betting. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that it can’t bear fruit for cricket lovers either. 

As with other betting systems, the best way for Oscar’s Grind to increase your chances is to pay attention to a few things:

  • Know your wagering limit;
  • Know when to call it quits;
  • Pay close attention to a team or a player’s play in the season, i.e. follow the odds.

Remember that if you’re playing in the long run, another strategy might be better suited!

Strategy Tips for Beginners

If you are new to the cricket betting world, then starting off with Oscar’s Grind system is a good choice. Our best tip for you would be to follow the previously mentioned rules.

Another thing is to tailor the system to you. What we mean is to add a limit on your betting budget or set a number of allowed losses before stopping. 

As a novice, you can mistake this system for the D’Alembert or Martingale strategy. And you are right to think so. These are very similar, except that Oscar’s Grind is far less risky. 

Unlike these two, where you have to up your wager with every loss, in Oscar’s Grind strategy, you only increase it if you get a win. 

So, even though you might not get as big wins as with the D’Alembert or Martingale strategy, you are still increasing your funds. Note that the bigger the win is, the bigger the possible loss.

Here, you are on neutral ground!


Oscar’s Grind cricket betting system is a slow and thorough way to make money betting on your favorite cricket team. This system always ends up with a profit. This distinguishes it from other cricket betting strategies for beginners and experienced bettors.
However, it’s still a strategy that doesn’t yield big wins. Therefore, if you are a serious bettor, this strategy may seem too simple for you.
On the other hand, Oscar’s Grind strategy can only work for a certain period of time, and repeated use can cause you to end up with a loss. Even a winning shot here requires extra effort on your part.
Be that as it may, if you find the right way to modify this system and use it to your advantage, it can meet all your needs!


Why Should I Use a Cricket Betting Strategy?

You should always have a strategy because your chances of winning are much higher than simply relying on luck.

Can I Win Money By Using Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy?

Yes, of course. Follow our tips above and adjust this system to your needs.

Will Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy Increase My Chances Of Winning?

Suppose you plan it the right way, it can bring you winnings. Keep in mind that the wager you input at the beginning will always come back to you in the end with this system.


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